Thursday, August 26, 2010

School Shenanigans--the keyboard

In eleven years of schooling, we have come to know Jordan's teachers, principals, admistrators, school office staff, school counselors--you name it--quite intimately. I think it was 5th grade when when Jordan happily hopped in the car after his first day back at school and proudly announced, "I haven't been called down to the principal's office yet this year!"

His big sister just rolled her eyes and said, "What about this morning?"

I felt just as deflated as Jordan was his shoulders sunk and he replied, "Oh yeah. I forgot."

So we began taking it in stride that we were on speed-dial for nearly every adult in Jordan's schooling career, but I still cringe every time the school phone number shows up on caller id.

This school shenanigans story doesn't take us as far back as elementary school. This happened just last year--ninth grade.

It was a Wednesday, I think, because I had been thinking how far we'd made it in a week without any calls from school, when the phone rang. I looked at caller id, and paused, wondering if I should pretend not to be home. I went ahead and answered in my cheerful, pretending-this-was-going-to-be-a-good-call-voice. It was Dean Diane. I could tell by her voice she felt more badly for me than for herself that she probably called me more than her own mother. We went ahead with the formalities of setting up yet another RPC (required parent conference).

What was it this time?

Keyboard shenanigans!

Jordan had entertained himself in computers by re-arranging letters on the keyboard!

Dean Diane assured me that Jordan had not done anything TOO horrible, but, since he'd "messed with" school property and could have caused damage, she had to bring it to my attention. She was pleased, it seemed, that Jordan hadn't spelled any bad words with his key arrangement.

I wasn't really questioning Diane, but I figured Jordan hadn't openly and eagerly admitted guilt, so I went ahead and asked, "How do you know it was Jordan?"

With a sweet, knowing smile, she replied, "Jordan re-arranged the keys to spell his own name."
I didn't ask if there were any other Jordans at the school.

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  1. Maybe you should have asked if they had any NORDAJ's in the school.