Monday, September 12, 2011

I Forgot My Punchcard

Jordan began working at our family business the day we opened.  Even though our food is seriously amazing, Jordan has developed a habit of frequenting the bagel shop next door nearly every morning before work. 

This is how it goes when Jordan walks up to the counter:

Jordan: "Dangit!  I forgot my punchcard, and it was full!"
Employee: "We don't have punchcards.  You know that, Jordan."

Feeling less than defeated, Jordan pays for his bagel and walks next door to work, only to try again the next day.  When the next day rolls around, and Jordan strolls back to the bagel shop.

Jordan: "Dangit! I forgot my punchcard, and it was full!"
Employee: "We still don't have punchcards, Jordan."

Apparently, this has been going on for months--at least the 5 months we've been open, with little variation in the routine or the conversation about punchards.  Needless to say, the bagel shop employees know Jordan well!  Finally, yesterday, the exchange went Jordan's way!

Jordan: "Dangit! I forgot my punchard, and it was full!"
Employee: "Jordan, we don't have punchcards, but today the bagel's on me.  Don't tell my manager."

Sometimes I love the persistence of that boy!

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